The Lab



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  • There are 8 different experiences you can try out in The Lab:
    1. Xortex
    2. Slingshot
    3. Longbow
    4. Postcards
    5. Robot Repair
    6. Secret Shop
    7. Solar System
    8. Human Medical Scan
  • Xortex is based on classic arcade games like Space Invaders and Galaga. There are two modes, classic and infinite. In classic mode, there are mini-boss fights and the power ups activates a beam weapon. In infinite mode, there are no mini-bosses and the power ups activates a bomb.
  • Slingshot is similar to Angry Birds. You fling heavy balls (called "Cores") at cardboard boxes and containers. The objective is to knock the boxes down the hole. There are two types of containers, red and blue. The red container explodes on contact, while the blue container unlocks a "Tracer Core," which allows you to see where the Core is going before you release it.
  • Longbow is an archery simulation game. The goal of the game is to protect your castle's gate, which is to the left of you. Besides arrows, there are other items in the game that help you defend the gate. There are explosive barrels scattered throughout the field that can be used to take out multiple invaders. There are two cauldrons of hot liquid you can pour on the invaders, one above the gate, and the other to the far right of the castle. You can set your arrow on fire with torches, located to the left and right of you. The invaders will drop their shields when you hit them with the flaming arrows. Once an invader is taken out, red balloons will appear. You can pop them to restore health to your gate or increase your score. The battle field resets after every 8th wave.
  • Postcards lets you visit far off locales. There are 4 locations to visit (the fourth one is hidden)
  • Robot repair. The title explains it all.
  • Secret Shop lets you explore a fantasy themed store.
  • Solar System lets you walk around planets. You can pick them up and throw them.
  • Human Medical Scan allows you to exam the human body with detailed CT scans.