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  • There are three selectable characters, each with its own weapons and powers. Saija wields a flash blade (an energy-charged katana), Bishop uses dual pistols, and Boss uses a shotgun.
  • Red VR has powered up katana.
  • Blue VR has powered up pistols.
  • To learn how to use the different powers, head to the kiosk to the right in the lobby. You can also read more about the game over at the developer's website: https://survios.com/rawdata/guide

Saija Controls

RawData Saija Controls

Saija Tips

  • One of the ways to use Saija is to teleport right in front of the enemy with the flash blade held in front. This immediately destroys or knocks back the enemy.
  • To use Levitation Smash, press down on the right trackpad and swipe left.
  • To use Shadow Slash, press down on the right trackpad and swipe right. Then fling the blade to throw a beam of energy at your target.
  • You can deflect enemy shots with the flash blade. Holding it with two hands magnify the deflection.
  • You can lift and throw enemies with the left hand by holding down the left trigger. You can use it three times before it needs to recharge.
  • To throw the flash blade, wind up your right arm to throw the blade, as you flick your arm forward, tap the grip button (on the side of the controller) to throw the blade.
  • You can charge the flash blade by holding it near your body or head with both hands to do additional damage.

Bishop Controls

 RawData Bishop Controls

Bishop Tips

  • To charge a shot, hold down on the trigger until it is charged, then release the trigger to shoot it.
  • To create a fusion charged shot, bring the charged pistols together and release both trigger.
  • To use Bullet Storm, press down on the right trackpad and swipe left.
  • To use Time Warp, press down on the right trackpad and swipe right.
  • To reload the pistols, bring them towards your hip (you can tap them against your hip as well).