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Earth VR Controls Revised


  • You can point the left controller at a building or at an area of interest and the globe will provide information like name and address of what you are pointing at.
  • To fly up, position the right controller straight up towards the sky and press up on the trackpad.
  • In the tilt earth up view, press the Fly Backward button on the right trackpad to zoom out. Also, in the tilt earth up view, you can see labels for streets, highways, cities, etc.
  • You can change the scenery from night to day (and vice versa) by dragging the sky to rotate the sun up or down.
  • You can use the globe on the left controller to navigate to a location of interest. You do this by pointing your right controller at it. The globe will become larger and more colorful. You can then press on the right and left side of the Tilt Earth Down/Up trackpad to rotate it.