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When you bring students to our VR center, they can immerse in science, technology, engineering, and the arts through engaging and captivating VR experiences like Mars Odyssey or theBlu. They can learn about geography and culture by exploring the world through Google Earth VR. They can create 3D art and sculptures through Tilt Brush and Blocks, or immerse themselves in a Vincent Van Gogh painting.

Educational VR Apps

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We offer classes where students learn how to build computers and install the necessary software to get it up and running. We also offer 3D printing and design that introduces students to modeling and proto-typing.

Master Builder (Build Your Own Computer)

build computer

Students learn the fundamental and best practices of building their own custom computer. At the end of the camp, students will be able to take their custom computer home.

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Master 3D Printing

3d printer

Students learn fundamentals of 3D modeling by using Tinkercad, a free online Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. They get to design and customize their own keychain, dice, and balloon race car. Then the students get to make them with 3D printers. Throughout this process, they learn how CAD software and 3D printing are valuable tools for engineers and manufacturers.

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In addition, we offer classes where students get to learn principles of coding, astronomy, rocket science, quantum mechanics, and civil engineering through our multi-player MinecraftEdu curriculum.

MinecraftEdu Curriculum

Computer Science: Introduction to Programming Concepts

computercraft banner

Students learn principles of programming through a Minecraft mod called ComputerCraftEdu. It is designed to act as a low-threshold entry to learning programming. The emphasis is on direct and concrete outcomes: even the very first programs the player writes will result in functioning robots. With the help of a visual programming language designed to follow the Minecraft analogy, robots will feel natural part of the game-play, bringing programming to the everyday life of the students.

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Astronomy & Rocket Science: Exploration of the Solar System through Rockets

galaticraft banner

Students learn about astronomy and rocket science through the Minecraft mod called Galacticraft. They get to build and explore our solar system within Minecraft. They get to learn about the different functions and modules of the International Space Station and how we traveled to the Moon through NASA's Apollo program. Students will also learn about our current quest to reach Mars and the challenges explorers face when living on Mars. In addition, students learn about the different companies and agencies that are currently launching and developing rockets. Lastly, students get to learn about the asteroid belt and the value in mining them.

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Quantum Physics: Study of Sub-Atomic Particles and Energy

qcraft banner

Students learn about quantum physics through a Minecraft mod called qCraft. It brings several principles of quantum physics to the world of Minecraft. The mod is a fun way to experiment, build, and play while also introducing players to the fascinating and (in the context of the macro-world we inhabit) counter-intuitive way that quantum entities interact. qCraft is not designed to be an accurate simulation of quantum physics, however it does provide several ‘analogies’ that illustrate how quantum behaviors are different from our everyday experience.

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Civil Engineering: Introduction to resource management and planning

buildcraft banner

Students learn concepts of civil engineering through the Minecraft mod called Buildcraft. They get to learn about the different major branches of civil engineering, such as structural and construction engineering. They are assigned engineering challenges such as building structures that allows for self-fueling launch pads for rockets, and sorting the different blocks mined by a quarry through pipes and chests. In addition, they will use different engines and materials that are appropriate for the tasks required. Students get to experience first-hand the value of civil engineering through the enhancement of their Minecraft experience.

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