Arizona Sunshine

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  • To reload a gun, you need to eject the clip first, and then move it to your hip to reload.
  • To add clip/ammo to your inventory, pick up the clips and move them to your belt (located at your hip).
  • To put on masks or hats, grab the item and move it to your face, then let go to put it on. However, if your character drops it on the ground instead, it is because you already have one on! Take it off, then put on the new one :-)
  • The first gun, M1911 pistol, has 7 rounds per clip.
  • Hamburger patties heal your health, and you can find them in fridges and on BBQ grills. You will need to take multiple bites to get the full healing benefit of a single patty.
  • You can store grenades by placing them on your right chest. To pull the pin on a grenade, push the "Eject ammo cartridge" button with your thumb.


  • In order to learn the controls through the in-game tutorial, new players will need to play the game in single player mode and select "Base" as their starting point. Once the players reach the first gate, they can quit and continue in co-op or horde mode. For co-op, the starting map to pick is "Bridge."
  • Only two people can play in co-op mode. In co-op, ammo is not shared, so players can grab all the ammo they can see without worrying about leaving none for their partner. However, guns are shared, and the only way to switch out guns is to pick up a different one. So players will need to be considerate and not horde all the guns they fine and figure out who gets to use what.
  • Up to four people can play in horde mode. Unlike co-op, ammo is shared, so players do need to strategize on how to divide and conserve ammo (such as aiming for headshots). Ammo is refreshed after every wave.


  1. Base (single player only)
  2. Bridge
  3. Canyon
  4. Caves
  5. Train Tracks
  6. Refinery
  7. Trailer Park
  8. Sunshine